Progeny Short Film Festival

Hosted by Virginia Tech



The Progeny Short Film Festival aims to provide an opportunity for independent, budding filmmakers from Appalachia and the surrounding areas to share their unique stories and voices. This year, in addition to our usual categories,  Progeny is unveiling a new special category: The Spirit of Appalachia and a screenwriting competition. Our mission is not only to provide an outlet for local artists but to give a voice to a region that rarely escapes its stereotypes. All submissions to this category must speak to the nature of the region and/or it’s populace.

We seek both filmmakers producing high-quality work and films that are representative of the spirit of our region; whether it is the landscape, its inhabitants, or culture. Filmmakers submitting to this year’s special category should be searching for a new perspective for a part of America that has been here since the beginning.

Each year we award prizes for the winners in each of our categories. Prizes start at $250.

We are currently accepting submissions until July 10th, 2017.